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This is a very special time for both of you. Together you will go forward in life and one of your first joint experiences may be in planning your wedding day. Afterwards perhaps time to relax, even have a honeymoon together .. but for now so many things to plan for your lives together and in particular your wedding!


My absolute focus is to give you both the meaningful and smoothly run wedding you deserve. So while there will no doubt be a lot of things going on your wedding day I am there to take care of the legal and ceremonial details and carefully ensure your wishes are carried out. I can suggest some words and themes for you – but quite possibly you will have particular ideas that we can flesh out.

What can be very meaningful for the guests at the ceremony is to hear little about your histories (‘what brought you to this day’) and also what particularly you like and love about each other. I would be pleased to prepare this piece and can deliver this in a serious or slightly lighter way if that is your wish.


Some celebrant websites give a lot of legal detail – but please be assured that I will manage all of this for you. There are some rules that we must follow but beyond that we can tailor to your needs and preferred theme.

Just a couple of things:
We need to fill in the Notice of Intended Marriage papers at least a month before the wedding. To do this you will need to have with you original copies of your birth certificates and possibly other identification papers. The words spoken at your ceremony can be a lot or a little and in any style – completely up to you – there are just a few legal sentences that must be specifically included.

Please feel free to call me, obligation free, to have a chat about your wedding needs at any time.